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Tools & Resources

Data Visualization

Arbor.js: A graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery.

Axiis: An open source data visualization framework designed for beginner and expert developers alike, built upon the Degrafa graphics framework and Adobe Flex 3 (uses Flash player).

Chartbuilder: Easy way to generate simple but compelling graphs.

Chart Chooser: Downloads to improve Excel and PowerPoint with HTML5 goodness (Juice Labs).

ChartBlocks: online chart builder that is well designed and allows you to build basic charts very quickly. It has a limited number of chart types, but that will not be a problem as most common chart types are covered.

Chartkick: Create beautiful Javascript charts with one line of Ruby, Python or Javascript.

Chartle: Web-based software to create simple interactive charts and maps.

Data-Driven Documents (D3.js): A JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS.

DataMarket: This site helps professionals find and understand data. It brings complex and diverse data together in one place and one format so it can be searched, compared, visualized and shared – across teams, organizations or with the world.

Datawrapper: An open source tool helping everyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.

Ember Charts: A charting library built with the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks. It includes time series, bar, pie, and scatter charts which are easy to extend and modify. The out-of-the-box behavior these chart components represents best practices in chart interactivity and presentation.

Fusion Tables (Google): A web service, which provides means for visualizing data with pie charts, bar charts, lineplots, scatterplots, timelines, and geographical maps.

Flot: A pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery, with a focus on simple usage, attractive looks and interactive features.

Fly Charts: Interactive Flash charts, a set of Adobe Flash (SWF) files, works without scripting.

GapMinder: This software allows you to show animated statistics from your own laptop.

Gephi: An interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Gephi is open-source and free.

GGobi: An open source visualization program for exploring high-dimensional data. It provides highly dynamic and interactive graphics such as tours, as well as familiar graphics such as the scatterplot, barchart and parallel coordinates plots. Plots are interactive and linked with brushing and identification.

Google Charts: From simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree maps.

Google Public Data Explorer: Provides public data and forecasts from a range of international organizations and academic institutions including the World Bank, OECD, Eurostat and the University of Denver. These can be displayed as line graphs, bar graphs, cross sectional plots or on maps. You may also use your own data set.

Highcharts JS: Charting library written in pure HTML5/JavaScript, offering intuitive, interactive charts for web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types.

Hohli: Online charts builder based on Google Charts API.

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit: The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit provides tools for creating interactive data visualizations for the Web.

JpGraph: An object-oriented graph creating library for PHP. The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts.

jqPlot: A versatile and expandable jQuery plotting plugin.

JS Charts: A JavaScript based chart generator that requires little or no coding (free option).

jsDraw2DX: A SVG Graphics Library for JavaScript (HTML5 ready). The library uses SVG to render the graphics on all modern desktop browsers. For old IE browsers (IE6, IE7 and IE8), the library uses VML to render the graphics. Since the rendering of both SVG and VML are almost same, jsDraw2DX provides cross-browser compatibility.

Mondrian: A general purpose statistical data-visualization system. It features interactive visualization techniques for data of almost any kind. All plots in Mondrian are fully linked, and offer many interactions and queries (M. Theus).

NodeXL: A free, open-source template for Microsoft Excel that makes it easy to explore network graphs. With NodeXL, you can enter a network edge list in a worksheet, click a button and see your graph, all in the familiar environment of the Excel window.

OnlineChartTool: Free tool to build popular charts online.

OWTChart Generator: Easy to use on-line tool to produce charts (

Pizza Pie Charts: Making pie charts for any device using SVG so that it looks good on high-resolution devices. A user-friendly webbased data visualization tool. It is free and allows sharing and collaboration.

Raphaël - JavaScript Library: A small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library.

Raw: The missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics, based on D3.js library (see above).

Simile Exhibit 3.0: Publishing framework for large-scale data-rich interactive web pages.

StatSilk: It offers a range of web-based and desktop software to cater to diverse mapping and visualization needs. The software has a common purpose: to make data analysis easy, efficient and enjoyable.

Tableau Public: Free version of the well-known professional data visualization tool.

TimeSearcher: Visual exploration of time-series data. (Human Computer Interaction Lab, University of Maryland). Data visualization service offering a front-end for both Coogle charts and D3.js.

Vidi:  An easy to use suite of Drupal data-visualization modules (but works on any HTML page without Drupal).

Vizgr: Create, connect, view visualizations and statistics, and create dashboards (free -- registration optional). A project by Daniel Hienert, Koblenz. See also his publications in our research section.

Visualize Free: Free visual analysis tool based on the advanced commercial dashboard and visualization software developed by InetSoft, an innovator in business intelligence software since 1996.

Voyant Tools (or Voyeur): A web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts. It is part of, a collaborative project to develop and theorize text analysis tools and text analysis rhetoric.

Wolfram Alpha: Computational knowledge engine (commercial).

Zoho Reports: Can take data from various file formats or directly from a database and turn it into charts, tables and pivot tables.


Adobe After Effects: Excellent tool for creation of motion infographics with lots of predefined effects. Export to Flash or to movie formats through Adobe's Media Encoder.

Canva: An online graphic design platform with among other things an infographics section. It offers free access to a wide assortment of design tools and information, as well as premium options for paying customers. It has also launched an app which gives users full access to Canva’s design tools and library of images. A website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online.

FluxVFX: Templates for Adobe After Effects

Infoactive: Online tool for building interactive data visualizations and inforgraphics. Create interactive infographics and charts with a few clicks, place them in your article, blog post or share with friends.

Piktochart: Easy to use online service for creation of  customizable infographics.

Quozio: A free online tool to create a beautiful representation for a quote.

Sencha Animator: A desktop app to create CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices. Create rich experiences for today’s most popular devices.

Tumult Hype: Using Tumult Hype, you can create beautiful HTML5 web content. Interactive content and animations made with Tumult Hype work on desktops, smartphones and iPads. No coding required.

Venngage: Simple infographic tool online.

Visme (formerly: EWC Presenter) is a set of web tools  to create slideshows, banner graphics, animations and interactive infographics. online tool for creating infographic resumes. A one-stop shop for the creation of data visualizations and infographics.

Word clouds

Jason Davies Wordcloud: Online wordcloud generator with several options. Result can be saved as SVG-file.

TagCrowd: A more advanced word cloud tool, with optional word frequencies and grouping of similar words.

Tagxedo: Creates a beautifully styled word cloud from a text.

VocabGrabber: This online tool analyzes a text, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words and showing you how those words are used in context. When you select any word on the list, you'll see a snapshot of the Visual Thesaurus map and definitions for that word, along with examples of the word in your text.

WordItOut: A jQuery based word cloud tool.

Wordle: Another tool for generating word clouds from text that you provide.

WordSift: Text visualization tool from Stanford University.

Yippy: Word cloud tool based on a query (e.g. a key word). It shows context words on the web.


Chap Links Library: an interactive visualization chart to visualize events in time. The events can take place on a single date, or have a start and end date (a range). You can freely move and zoom in the timeline by dragging and scrolling in the Timeline. Events can be created, edited, and deleted in the timeline. The time scale on the axis is adjusted automatically, and supports scales ranging from milliseconds to years.

Dipity: A free digital timeline website. Its mission is to organize the web's content by date and time. Users can create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.

Free Timeline: create free timelines online (no sign-up).

Google charts timelines: depict how a set of resources are used over time.

Preceden: Online timeline with amodern look and feel, small free option, low fee once.

Simile Timeline: Open source software to make beautiful interactive timelines.

Simile Timeplot: Timeplot is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for plotting time series and overlay time-based events over them (with the same data formats that Timeline supports).

Tiki-Toki: Web-based software for creating beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the internet.

TimeGlider: Commercial, online timeline authoring environment.

Timeline.js: TimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables you to build visually-rich interactive timelines and is available in 40 languages. See also tutorial by. M. Angelov.

Timeline Creator: This software allows instructors, students and researchers without multimedia development skills to develop an interactive timeline for teaching or presentation purposes. The resulting timeline can be published on the World Wide Web or presented directly from a computer (Center for Educational Resources, Johns Hopkins University).

Timeline Maker: Software to create timeline charts (no interactive timeliens for websites).

Timeline Project: A cross-platform application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline. Timeline is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Timeline Template: Website offering free timeline templates for various purposes.

Timeline Tool 2.0: Part of Learning Tools, a project initiated by the Department of Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology (Arts ISIT) at the University of British Columbia).

Timeliner.js: A jQuery plugin for making simple historical timelines.

Timemap (1): Javascript library to help use online maps, including Google, OpenLayers, and Bing, with a SIMILE timeline.

TimeMap (2): Time-based Interactive Mapping. Mapping applet which generates complete interactive maps with a few simple lines of html (University of Sydney).

TimeRime: Portal for timeline creation. The timelines can be filled with text, music, YouTube movies, Google Maps et cetera, which makes a platform that combines popular communities and other internet applications into one new portal.

Timetoast: Creating and sharing timelines on the web; it has options for collaboration. The animated version requires a Flash player required.


Online Map Authoring

AniMaps: This service extends the My Maps feature of Google Maps by letting you create maps with markers that move, images and text that pop up on cue, and lines and shapes that change over time.

ArcGIS Online (also free acounts): Quickly create interactive maps and apps and share them with the rest of your organization.

BatchGeo: Create Google maps online by copying and pasting the geo-data into this tool.

CartoDB: Online platform for data visualization on maps. Includes options for analysis and sharing within a community.

Chartle: Web-based software to create simple interactive charts and maps.

ChartsBin: Web-based data visualization tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create rich interactive visualizations with their own data. You can then share your interactive visualizations with others by embedding them in websites, blogs or sharing via Facebook or Twitter.

Click2Map: Lets you create your maps and add your own points of interest in just a few clicks with a nice map creator. Next, you may download your maps and publish them on your website free of charge.

eSpatial: Online mapping service. With our mapping software you can easily upload and visualize multiple layers of data. Quickly create dynamic reports. Analyze key areas and share results. It’s rapid visual insight that takes the guesswork out of decision making.

GeoCommons: This is the public community of GeoIQ users who are building an open repository of data and maps for the world. The GeoIQ platform includes a large number of features that empower you to easily access, visualize and analyze your data.

Google Maps: select 'My Places' to create a custom map.

Google Maps Engine: Maps Engine Lite allows users to upload small spreadsheets with locations and visualize them on a map.

jQuery Google Map: a jQuery Plugin, which allows you to easely manipulate the Google Map API. You are now able to create maps, add some markers et create routes.

Google Map Generator: enables you to simple create customized Google map. This map can be inserted to your site via javascript or can be accessed via hypertext link. See also: Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide.

Historypin: A digital, user-generated archive of historical photos, videos, audio recordings and personal recollections. Users are able to use the location and date of their content to “pin” it to Google Maps.

Latitude and Longitude of a Point: Website with service 'map to latitude and longitude' and vice versa (, or the Google utility.

MapKnitter: A free and open source tool for combining and positioning images (often from in geographic space into a composite image map. Known as “orthorectification” or “georectification” to geographers, this step covers the process of figuring out where images can be placed on an existing map, and how they can be combined, or “stitched” together.

Mapping is fun: Web-based, map-authoring platform. The Site is owned and operated by, Inc. The Site enables users to quickly find, create, edit, annotate, embed and use online maps.

Modest Maps: a small, extensible, and free library for designers and developers who want to use interactive maps in their own projects. It provides a core set of features in a tight, clean package with plenty of hooks for additional functionality.

OpenHeatMap: A user-friendly website generates color-coded maps; the colors change depending on underlying info such as population change or average income.

Planiglobe: Maps creator service (world wide, various formats).

QGIS: A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System. Create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD.

UMapper: Web-based map-authoring service, particulalrly useful for creating maps that can be emdedded in Adobe Flash. UMapper is powered by the UMap Component (Universal Mapping API for Adobe Flash™) from Advanced Flash Components.

UncleMap: Generates Google maps free of charge; no Google account required.

ZeeMaps: Create and publish interactive maps.

Mapping Software (requires programming)

amMap: Includes libraries that allow easy addition of interactive maps to your web applications. It lets you use photos or images as layers and backgrounds, and it lets you highlight location and routes. amMaps supports all modern browsers, and it also works fine on all the major mobile operating systems. You can use the service for free to create and embed interactive apps in your web apps and websites.

Cesium: A JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin. It uses WebGL for hardware-accelerated graphics, and is cross-platform, cross-browser, and tuned for dynamic-data visualization. Cesium is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. It is free for commercial and non-commercial use.

DataMaps: Interactive maps for data visualizations. Bundled into a single Javascript file (free download, MIT license).

Google Maps: Explore all the possibilities to custom your very own maps, or go to the Javascript API. Consider Gmaps.js in connection with this option.

jQuery Interactive SVG Map Plugin (CodeCanyon).

jQuery Vector Maps: JQVMap is a jQuery plugin that renders Vector Maps (open source).

jVectorMap: jVectorMap uses only native browser technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SVG or VML. No Flash or any other proprietary browser plug-in is required. This allows jVectorMap to work in all modern mobile browsers.

Kartograph: A simple and lightweight framework for creating beautiful, interactive vector maps. Python and Javascript library. It was created with the needs of designers and data journalists in mind.

Leaflet: An open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

MapBuilder: is an Web2.0 service or rapid mashup development tool to build custom Google and Yahoo maps without any knowledge of the Google/Yahoo Maps API and JavaScript. MapBuilder provides a decent visual interface for the map building process with geocoding and import features. Also MapBuilder lets users tag locations on their maps, and then publish the map either on or their own website.

Modest Maps: A small, extensible, and free library for designers and developers who want to use interactive maps in their own projects. It provides a core set of features in a tight, clean package with plenty of hooks for additional functionality.

OpenLayers: This software makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page. It can display map tiles and markers loaded from any source. OpenLayers has been developed to further the use of geographic information of all kinds. OpenLayers is completely free, Open Source JavaScript. See also GeoExt.

Polymaps: free JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers.

Mapping Applications (desktop)

iMapBuilder: Interactive map building software, Flash and HTML5. You can also create custom Google Maps, and even use your own exsiting images files and convert them into interactive maps.

Interactive Maps Generator: This is a standalone application where you can generate as many maps as you want and copy the embed code and place the maps in any of your websites (CodeCanyon).

QGIS: A software package to create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD.

STAT Silk: A range of web-based and desktop software to cater to diverse mapping and visualization needs. The software has a common purpose: to make data analysis easy, efficient and enjoyable.

TileMill: Versatile open source software, which can use a variety of datasources including ESRI Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, PostGIS, CSV, and SQLite. TileMill is built on a suite of open source libraries including Mapnik, node.js, backbone.js, express and CodeMirror.

Modern Maps Commercial copyright-free maps.

Blank maps (Wikipedia).

d-Maps (D. Dalet): Free digital maps, terms of use to be respected.

EduGIS (educational GIS Netherlands).

Geoplaza VU (VU University Amsterdam).

Mapmaker Interactive: Customize one-page maps and download, email, print, or share (National Geographic Education).

Maptorian: A vector map pack created thinking about the work of graphic designers, journalists, computer graphics and, in general, people who need to create visually appealing maps easily and quickly.

Meertens REST map service: A map of the dutch language area and/or a choropleth map of either the municipalities of The Netherlands.

Nationale Atlas van Nederland (National Atlas of the Netherlands).

National Geographic Education Mapping: Variety of maps, with focus on education.

Open Street Map. The free world map. Useful help information in wiki. See OpenLayers for development with JavaScript; also see: Leaflet.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: world wide (University of Texas, Austin).

SVG Maps (Wikimedia Commons).

Vector World Maps: Blank and country maps in various formats, made by artists, free.

WorldMapFinder: Search engine for modern maps and map services.

Historical and Old Maps

Animated Maps: Online Learning Center McGrawHill.

Ancient Egypt: High quality SVG map (Wikipedia).

Atlas Amsterdam 1544-2000.

Atlas of Mutual Heritage: Database with information, maps, drawings, prints and paintings of locations related to the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC) and the West-Indische Compagnie (WIC).

Atlas of World History (Wikimedia Commons), and also: Maps Showing History.

Australian National Maritime Museum: Map collection.

Beeldbank Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Image database VU University).

Bijzondere collecties University of Amsterdam (beeldbank), also: Beelddatabank kaarten en atlassen.

Blaeu Atlas (1) (UCLA Library, University of California).

Blaeu Atlas (2): Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive Atlas Novus in quo Tabulæ et Descriptiones Omnium Regionum, Editae a Guiljel et Ioanne Blaeu. Wikimedia Commons. Introduction in Wikipedia: Atlas Maior.

Blaeu Atlas (3): Nieuwe Atlas oft Toneel des Aerdrijcx. Erfgoed Leiden en omstreken.

Blank SVG maps of the world for historical use: SVG, world in 1959 and 1985 (Wikimedia Commons).

Broer Map Library: A collection of historic maps, primarily from the 19th & 20th centuries. The collection includes various types of maps and subject matters.

Caert-thesoor: Overview of old map collections in the Netherlands.

Cartografie Startpagina (starting page cartography Netherlands, but contents of map collections referenced are not restricted to this country).

David Rumsey Map Collection: The historical map collection has over 41,000 maps and images online. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North American and South American maps and other cartographic materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia, and Africa are also represented.

DIGMAP: Discovering Past World with Digitised Maps. Discovery service for old maps.

Digital Historical Atlas Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (old maps and historical pictures).

Digital History United States: Links to historic maps.

Digital Special Collections University Leiden.

Educational Maps: History, geopolitics, international relations and other disciplines (C. Ionita).

Fries Kaartenkabinet: Historical maps of Friesland. Tresoar (Fries Historisch en Letterkundig Informatiecentrum).

Gemeente-atlas van Nederland, 1868: historical maps of municipalities in the Netherlands.

Hargrett Historical Map Collection: The Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Georgia Libraries maintains a collection of more than 1,000 historic maps spanning nearly 500 years, from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century. Although not limited to a single geographic subject, the collection heavily emphasizes Georgia as colony and state, along with its surrounding region.

Historical Atlas: Wikimedia Commons.

Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean: This site seeks to map the long saga of Mediterranean history through interactive maps, each map holds a wealth of knowledge, by clicking on any map feature you can browse descriptions of important cities or events.

Historical Maps Europe (J. van de Veltmaete).

Historic Maps of Dutch Cartographers: Amongst others Blaeu, Janssonius, Jacob Aertsz Colom, Braun & Hogenberg.

Harvard Map Collection: The Harvard Map Collection maintains a collection of digital resources in a variety of formats. Thousands of data layers are available for use in Geographic Information Systems on the HMC research workstations. The Map Collection is also the primary contributor of GIS data to the Harvard Geospatial Library, where even more layers can be downloaded.

Historical Map Directory (Heritage History).

Historical Maps National Geographic Education: American and world history.

HISGIS: Historical geographic information system, covering a large part of the Netherlands.

Historical Atlas of Modern Europe (R. Lane Poole, 1902,

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century (M. White).

Historical GIS Clearinghouse and Forum (Association of American Geographers).

Historical Maps Overview: The Contextual Guide and Internet Index to Western Civilization (Culture 4.0).

Historical Maps and Atlases (McGill University)

Historical Maps France (Shepherd Historical Atlas, 1923 - see also University of Pitssburgh).

Historic Map Works: Based in Portland Maine, Historic Map Works, LLC is an Internet company formed to create a historic digital map database of North America and the world.

Historic Cities (Hebrew University of Jerusalem et al.): This site contains maps, literature, documents, books and other relevant material concerning the past, present and future of historic cities and facilitates finding similar content on the web.

LUNA Commons: Educational content (not only maps) from digital collections using the LUNA software for presentation. It includes among others the David Rumsey historical maps collection ― see above.

Map Collections (American Memory): The focus of Map Collections is American and cartographic treasures of the Library of Congress. Scans of maps, mostly from atlases.

Maps and Images Medieval History (Fordham University).

Maps Collection University of Amsterdam.

National Archive Netherlands: Map collection (among others the maps by Johannes Vingboons, about 1665).

New York Public Library: Map Division.

NLGIS: Netherlands Geographic Information System: tool to visualise regional variation in Netherlands municipal data.

Old Maps Online: The OldMapsOnline Portal is an easy-to-use gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world. It allows the user to search for online digital historical maps across numerous different collections via a geographical search. Search by typing a place-name or by clicking in the map window, and narrow by date. The search results provide a direct link to the map image on the website of the host institution. OldMapsOnline has been created by a collaboration between The Great Britain Historical GIS Project based at The University of Portsmouth, UK and Klokan Technologies GmbH, Switzerland.

Old Maps Wikimedia Commons: World, Americas, Europe, Asia, war maps, special maps.

ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World.

Osher Map Library: Smith Center for Cartographic Education (University of Southern Maine). Collections and map finder, world wide.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: historical section (University of Texas, Austin).

Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1914 (

Spread of the Black Death: Interactive map and timeline (1347-1350).

University Library Utrecht: Special Collections.

Stedenatlas De Wit (Koninklijke Bibliotheek).

Tijdreis over 200 jaar topografie: Topography of the Netherlands from 1815 till present. Dutch Kadaster.

VU Geoplaza: In addition to modern maps the site includes old maps of the Netherlands (17th century) with overlay on top of a modern map. Also access to the image archive of the university library.

Wat Was Waar: Interactive site to find historical cultural heritage information and maps about locations in the Netherlands.

World History at the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (KMLA).

World History Maps: Interactive SVG maps with great amount of detail by J.C. Nelson, sold through Amazon.

Graphics and Animation

Authoring and Editing

General (other than the well-known commercial software)

Animatron: A simple and powerful online tool that allows you to create HTML5 animations and interactive content.

Anime Studio: A complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut out animations.

ColorBrewer: Color advice for cartography. It displays a map, which does not depict actual data. Instead, it has been designed to be a diagnostic tool for evaluating the robustness of individual color schemes.

GIMP: GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

Hippo Animator: A powerful yet easy to learn animation editor to create movies for web pages (commercial).

HTML5maker: Animations with responsive support that will work on all devices with different screens. Online creation of animations through a Flash interface.

Imgmap: Javascript based imagemap editor for creation of hotspots on web images. With the imagemap editor you can easily draw all the standard image map shapes (rectangle, circle, polygon), and you can have full control over the generated HTML code as well.

IrfanView: A very fast, small, compact freeware graphic viewer and basic image editor (crop, resize, resample etc.) for Windows.

KoolMoves: Both a Flash and Html5 authoring tool for creating text and image effects, games, navigation buttons, slide shows, media players, animated characters, and entire web sites. KoolMoves provides AS1 and AS3 action scripting capability and exports as Flash swfs, Html5, SVG, and frames for animated gifs.

MonkeyJam: A digital penciltest and stopmotion animation program. It is designed to let you capture images from a webcam, camcorder, or scanner and assemble them as separate frames of an animation.

Mugeda: A cloud-based platform for creating HTML5 rich media mobile ads. Users can create professional mobile ads rich in animations and interactions directly from their browsers.

Pencil: Animation/drawing software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. Pencil is free and open source.

Radi: free Mac tool to create video, animation and realtime graphics for the web.

Simile Runway: This widget lets you display images in a rich interactive visualization similar to that of Apple iTunes known as Cover Flow. It is a Flash-based implementation.

Synfig Studio: Free and open-source 2D animation software, designed as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork.

Tumult Hype: A keyframe-based animation system which brings your content to life. Click “Record” and Tumult Hype watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. Or, if you’d prefer to be more hands-on, manually add, remove, and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content. It is easy to create natural curves by clicking and dragging on an element's motion path to add bézier control points.

Zoomify: Makes high-quality images zoom-and-pan for fast, interactive viewing on the web (Flash and HTML5)


Adobe Illustrator: Authoring software for vector graphics, but also for clean SVG.

Inkscape: Free authoring tool for SVG drawings (verbose code).

Lazy Line Painter: A JQuery plugin for SVG path animation.

SVG-edit: Online SVG editor (Google code).

Online image editors

BeFunky: A quality online photo-editor

Fotor: Basic photo adjustment.

Image-Maps: Makes creating image maps (i.e. images with clickable hotspots) easy.

PicMonkey: A set of tools for photo editing and graphic design because made to show creativity, style, spot-on brilliance.

Pixlr: Uploading images, drawing shapes, coloring, adding text.

Quick Picture Tools: 12 simple and easy online image editing tools (e.g. embossed text, rounded corners, add text, crop, line frame).

Image Display

Amazing Slider: An easy-to-use Windows and Mac app that enables you to create beautiful, professional, responsive jQuery Slider, YouTube Video Gallery, WordPress Slider Plugin and Joomla Slideshow Module.

BlueImp Gallery: A touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image and video gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers.

CssSlider: image slider without jQuery or JavaScript (pure CSS); Windows and Mac.

EasyZoom: An elegant, highly optimised jQuery image zoom and panning plugin based on the original work by Alen Grakalic. EasyZoom supports touch-enabled devices and is easily customisable with CSS.

Elevate Zoom: A Jquery image zoom plugin. It works best using two images, one low resolution for the visible image, and one high resolution for the zoomed image.

Flash Slideshow Maker: Create animated slideshow gallery with professional flash templates. Publish and share your flash photo gallery on the Web in minutes. No coding needed.

Fotojet: free online collage maker where you can create beautiful photo collages, posters, cards and more in minutes, developed by PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd.

Galleria: A JavaScript image gallery framework that simplifies the process of creating beautiful image galleries for the web and mobile devices (one theme free).

Greybox: Used to display websites, images and other content through pop-ups that do not conflict with pop-up blockers (Orangoo Projects).

Highslide JS: An image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript. Free for non-commercial use.

HTML Image Slideshow Generator: Online wizard, which generates the code for creating a image slideshow that will allow visitors to flip through a series of photos on your website. Includes controls and descriptions for picture slideshow (

jAlbum: Downscales images to web and thumbnail size, creates complete web pages, and uploads them to or any other website.

Jarallax: An open-source javascript library which makes adjusting css based on interaction easy. With Jarallax it's easy to create a parallax scrolling website.

Javascript Slideshows: Simple slideshow with transparant code (Dynamic Web Coding).

jCarousel. Riding carousels with jQuery: jCarousel is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order. The items, which can be static HTML content or loaded with (or without) AJAX, can be scrolled back and forth (with or without animation) (Jan Sorgalla).

jQuery Zoom: A plugin to enlarge images on touch, click, or mouseover.

Lightbox2: Lightbox is small javascript library used to overlay images on top of the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers (L. Dhakar).

Lightview: Image overlay library (N. Stakenburg).

Magnifier.js: a Javascript library enabling magnifying glass effect on an images.

Multidirections Image Scroller: This simple jQuery plugin provides a multidirectional image scroller with mouse events: horizzontal and vertical scroll, full direction scroll, stop and restart on mouse events (in and out), preloading images,configurable parameters for speed, direction and preload label.

ResponsiveSlides.js: A tiny jQuery plugin (open source) that creates a responsive slider using elements inside a container. Biggest difference to other responsive slider plugins is the file size (1.4kb minified and gzipped). Responsive Slides has basically only two different modes: either it just automatically fades the images, or operates as a responsive image container with pagination and/or navigation to fade between slides.

Skrollr: Parallax scrolling for the masses, free Javascript library.

SlidesJS: A responsive slideshow plug-in for jQuery (1.7.1+) with features like touch and CSS3 transitions. Good code examples, clear and concise.

Stellar.js: Mark Dalgleish’s Stellar.JS makes parallax scrolling effects very easy, with a ton of configuration options and even iOS support.

Visual LightBox JS: A free wizard program that helps you easily generate web photo galleries with a nice Lightbox-style overlay effect, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

Zoomy: A quick and easy to integrate plugin that will zoom into any picture. Zoomy is a flexible zoom plugin and can be used with either, two copies of the same image, or one image linked to its self.

Javascript Libraries

EaselJS: A Javascript library that makes working with the HTML5 Canvas element easy.

Fabric.js: A powerful and simple Javascript HTML5 canvas library. Fabric provides interactive object model on top of canvas element. Fabric also has SVG-to-canvas (and canvas-to-SVG) parser.

GSAP: A suite of tools by GreenSock for scripted, high-performance HTML5 animations that work in all major browsers. It can animate any numeric property of any JS object, not just CSS properties. See also GitHub.

Paper.js: Paper.js is an open source vector graphics scripting framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas.

Processing.js: Makes your data visualizations, digital art, interactive animations, educational graphs, video games, etc. work using web standards and without any plug-ins.

Raphaël - JavaScript Library: A small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library.

Three.js: A free Javascript library that makes WebGL-3D in the browser easy to use.

Photo Animation, 2D-to-3D and Animated Gif

Convert 2D image to 3D model. 2D-conversion tools listed on SourceForge.

ezGIF: A simple online gif maker and toolset for basic animated gif editing. Here you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to gifs.

Flixel: A Flixel Cloud Web+Apps plan gives you access to Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS, Persecond for macOS, plus the world’s leading service for hosting and sharing your HD quality cinemagraphs on the web, and social networks.

GifCam:  Another tool to capture screen and make the animated gifs. Online tool for creating animated gifs.

LICEcap: Simple animated screen capture tool for making animated gifs (Windows and OS X).

Make3D: Make3D converts your still picture into a 3D model completely automatically. Online tool, academic background.

ScreenToGif: Records your screen and saves directly to a gif looped animation or a video.

Selva3D: Converts images, drawings, logos or anything you can imagine into 3D STL files for 3D printing or CNCing.

Smoothie 3D: Free online tool to create a 3D image from a 2D picture.

Audio and Video (mostly free software)

Audacity: A free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

Avidemux: A free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.

Free Video Converter ( Converts video free to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, 3GP, DVD, MP3, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Android phones. Video to MP3 with one click.

Free Video Editor (VSDC): A more powerful video editor intended for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. The program offers rich functionality and yet has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create videos with a bare minimum of efforts.

Lightworks NLE: Professional non-linear video editor against an affordable price, with a free and educational version.

MPEG Streamclip: A powerful free video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows. It can play many movie files, not only MPEGs; it converts MPEG files between muxed/demuxed formats for authoring; it can encode movies to many formats, including iPod and cut, trim and join movies. MPEG Streamclip can also download videos from YouTube and Google by entering the page URL.

Music Editor Free: This sound editing software is a full featured audio editor for Windows. It allows you to record and edit music, vocal and other sound. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings and, if needed, add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. Music Editor Free works as a wav editor or mp3 editor but it also supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, au, ogg, wmv and more.

VirtualDub: VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms (98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7), licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Windows Movie Maker: Free and easy to use. The program's main focus is on making it very simple to produce quality movies.

Visual Narrative

Klynt: Authoring tool for interactive storytelling (HonkiTonk Films).

Korsakow: An open-source application for creating web docs and other kinds of nonlinear, interactive narratives.

Odyssey.js: Open source tool for creating interactive stories.

Pageflow: Online tool (in German) with open source version for visual narratives, targeted on multimedia journalism.

Raptmedia: A cloud-based video editing and publishing platform that enables content creators to build dynamic, interactive videos with drag-and-drop ease.

StoryMapJS: A free tool to help you tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events. It has two significant, related features: (1) You can use large photographs, works of art, historic maps, and other image files; (2) It places your 20 most recent geo-tagged Instagrams on a map that can be shared instantly.

Storyteller: an open source tool by Katharina Brunner to build stories that are based on images or videos. You can combine big images and videos with text and embeddable content to create visually attractive stories.

ThingLink: Platform fro creation if interactive images and videos.

Zeega: Allows you to use any media in the cloud, transform the entire screen into your playground, and share your interactive creations with the world.

3WDOC: A commercial tool to create interactive stories, broadcast them on the Web and on any mobile platform and connected TV.

3D Tools


other than the well-known market leading packages:

3DHOP: 3D Heritage Online Presenter is an open-source software package for the creation of interactive Web presentations of high-resolution 3D models, oriented to the cultural heritage field.

3DSlash: Intuitive software for creating 3D models imitating the stone-cutter and his block.

3D-Tool Free Viewer: Reads common 3D-file formats; with professional measuring and analysis options.

AC3D: A 3D design program which has been available since 1994. The software is used by designers for modeling 3D graphics for games and simulation

Blender: 3D creation for everyone, free to use for any purpose. A full-featured cloud-based 3D modeling, animation and rendering software tool that runs in your web browser.

Houdini Apprentice: Free version of Houdini FX (a procedural content creation tool for film, tv and games) which can be used by students, artists and hobbyists to create personal non-commercial projects.

K-3D: Free 3D modeling and animation software, which combines flexible plugins with a visualization pipeline architecture.

Sculptfab: Simple tool for sculpting 3D models in the browser, which can be easily published on Sketchfab.

Sculptris: A virtual sculpting software program, with a primary focus on the concept of modeling clay designed to be as accessible as possible to every type of artist. The interface is effortless to navigate and each feature is easy to locate.

Silo: A polygon/subdivision surfaces 3D modeling application. It has a focus on quick editing, a customizable interface (all mouse buttons and keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to any function), and a flexible workflow.

Sketchfab: Leading platform to publish and find 3D and VR content, anywhere online. They want to build for 3D content what YouTube did for video.

SketchUp: 3D modeling program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. There is a freeware version and a paid version with additional functionality.

Smoothie-3D: Create 3D models from images.

Unity: Cross-platform 3D game engine.

Wings 3D: Free and open source sub division modeler can be used to model and texture low to mid-range polygon models.

Terrain modeling and scenery generation

Bryce: Feature-packed 3D modeling and animation package designed to allow new users to quickly create and render stunning 3D environments.

Estierra Terrain Modeling: Program for modeling the terrain of the earth. It reads standard USGS Digital Elevation Model files (DEMs) and converts them into three-dimensional models of the earth's surface.

Grome: Environmental modeling package for procedural and manual generation of large virtual outdoor worlds suitable for games and other 3D real-time simulation applications.

Visual Terrain Maker: Software to create three-dimensional terrain profiles that can be exported as DirectX files or used to create games, interactive maps, landscape views, digital artworks, and more. It's particularly suitable for DarkBasic game programming.

VTBuilder: Free tool for viewing and processing many kinds of geospatial data (see also Virtual Terrain Project home page and the list of plant generation packages.).

VUE Pioneer: Tool for creating vast expanses of terrains, with trees and hyper-realistic images of landscapes in moody atmospheres.

WorldMachine: Powerful and flexible software which combines procedural terrain creation, simulations of nature, and interactive editing to produce realistic looking terrain quickly and easily.


123D Catch: Free app that lets you create 3D scans of virtually any object.

3DF Zephyr: Software to create 3D models from photos. 3DF Zephyr comes with a user friendly interface, and the capability to export in many common 3D formats or even to generate high definition videos without the need of external tools.

Photosynth: Software application from Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington that analyzes digital photographs and generates a three-dimensional model of the photos and a point cloud of a photographed object.

ReMake: End-to-end solution for converting reality captured with photos or scans into high-definition 3D meshes (formerly: Memento).



Aquafadas: Digital Publishing System (converting PDF to app).

Blurb: These book-making tools let you create graphically rich fixed-layout ebooks for the iPad.

DH Press: A digital humanities toolkit built on the WordPress platform and its plugin-based architecture. DH Press is a flexible, repurposable, extensible digital humanities toolkit designed for non-technical users. It enables administrative users to mashup and visualize a variety of digitized humanities-related material, including historical maps, images, manuscripts, and multimedia content.

Exhibit 3.0: a powerful,easy to use publishing framework for building large scale, data rich, interactive web pages. Building on the success of the original Exhibit, version 3.0 lets you easily create web pages to publish and visualize data collections ranging from small personal collections in Scripted mode, up to large data sets in the server-based Staged mode.

Helicon Books: Services and technology company assisting publishers to introduce and adopt advanced technologies for digital books.

Inkling Habitat: Collaborative publishing environment designed for professionals.

LiveBinders: 3-ring binder for the web: collect and organize resources, which may be either online or uploaded (free and paid account).

Media Commons Press. Open scholarship in open formats: promoting the digital publication of texts in the field of media studies, ranging from article- to monograph-length.

Omeka: Web publishing system for complex narratives and rich collections, adhering to Dublin Core standards, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts.

Pressbooks: Online collaborative ebook authoring environment, based on WordPress, with export options to Mobi, epub and PDF.

Red Staple: Red Staple provides authors, musicians and film makers an easy way to package their creations for digital distribution.

Scalar: A free, open source authoring and publishing platform designed to make it easy for authors to write long-form, born-digital scholarship online.

The Readability Test Tool: it provides a quick and easy way to test the readability of your work.

Xpos're tools: see elsewhere on this website.

HTML Editors

Amaya: Open source HTML editor (W3C) with support for XHTML, MathML and SVG.

Brackets: A nice open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor: Complete HTML editor for both Windows and Mac.

Free Online WYSIWYG HTML Editor (Red Peach Designs).

HTML Kit: HTML editor (Windows and Mac) with code helpers, generators and HTML5 support; version control. Preview in the editor (full-screen or split-screen live previews), in another window, on multiple monitors, in multiple browsers and even through external devices (multi-device live preview on smartphones/tablets including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry). Previous version free.

HTML Tidy (online): A tool for checking and cleaning up HTML source files. It is especially useful for finding and correcting errors in deeply nested HTML, or for making grotesque code legible once more.

HTML Tidy for HTML5 (experimental): Tidy corrects and cleans up HTML content by fixing markup errors.

Komodo Edit: Free, multi-language editor with auto-complete function for Windows, Mac and Linux (be aware of the differences between the free Komodo Edit and the paid Komodo IDE).

KompoZer: Free, complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Raptor: HTML5 WYSIWYG editor, open source, Javascript; designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate and customize.

Rendera: Online HTML5 editor (B.P. Hogan).

TopStyle 5: HTML5 and CSS3 editor for Windows.

WebStorm: Javascript IDE and HTML editor (JetBrains).

Word to HTML Cleaner: A free tool that removes the excessive tags and clutter from Microsoft Word generated HTML documents, leaving basic formatting intact.

Word to HTML Converter (Text Fixer): Online service, accepts a Word text and converts it  to clean HTML.
Note: An offline alternative is copying the Word text (using Paste Special) into a new HTML document in Adobe Dreamweaver.

XML Editors

XMLBlueprint XML Editor: XML editor for Windows with full support for XML, DTD, Relax NG, Schematron, XML Schema, XLST (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) and XPath (1.0, 2.0, 3.0).

oXygen: Cross-platform XML editor for both beginners and XML experts.It can be used with all XML-based technologies including XML databases, XProc pipelines, and web services; has also a visual editing mode based on stylesheets.

EditX: A powerful and easy to use XML editor, visual schema editor, XQuery editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schema.

Stylus Studio Home Edition: Windows XML editor for students, and casual home users working with XML in a non-commercial setting. It offers many of Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite's features at a relatively low price.

Epub 2 and Epub 3

Azardi ePub 3 Reader: cross-platform, supports ePub3 fixed layout; full Javascript support including canvas, SMIL multimedia overlays, spreads, link return button and more.

BlueGriffon Epub Edition: Professional epub 2 and epub 3 editor.

epubcheck: Validation tool for EPUB.

Epub Readers (2015): List of readers by MathJax.

EPUB Validator (beta) [International Digital Publishing Forum].

eCub: A simple to use EPUB and MobiPocket ebook creator. ePub - PDF converter.

Inklewriter: free tool designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories.

Jutoh: Epub 3 editor.

Kobo eReading Apps: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

Readium: Epub 2 and Epub 3 reader; Google Chrome plug-in.

Sigil: Free epub 2 editor (Google code).

Tobi: an authoring tool for DAISY and EPUB 3 talking books.


Adobe Edge Web Fonts: The free, easy way to get started with web fonts.

Font Awesome: gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized ― size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. The store from Monotype offers more than 150,000 desktop and Web font products for you to preview, purchase and download. Offers also a free subscription.

Fontspring: Fonts are purchased without a subscription model and may be used on as many projects as you like.

Font Squirrel: Collection of free fonts.

Google fonts: An intuitive and robust directory of open source designer web fonts.

Hoefler & Co: Subscription to fonts for use on the web (cloud.typography) and in applications (app.typography).

Typekit: Quality fonts from the world's best foundries, for use on the web and in applications offered by Adobe (free and subscription based).

Webtype: A collaboration of leaders in type and technology formed to offer designers and developers the best quality professional fonts for their websites. It offers a subscription service to fonts with free trials.


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