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The button bar

Note: Not all buttons described below are always visible in the button bar. It depends on the definition of the button bar in the configuration file.

Index: toggles between the titles and the id-values of the slides.

All Text: toggles between the current slide and the full text of the publication. It provides an overview, which is also useful for printing.

Note: 'All Text' does not include sidebar text. To see this, click on the link 'Open text in new window', on top of the full text.

Images: displays a list of all images in the text. Each image is clickable and hyperlinked to the slide where it occurs.

Sidebar: toggles between two display states of the sidebar, as defined in Options. These states may be different widths, or visible and hidden.

Look up: opens the look up window. A key word or a phrase can be entered in the text box and looked up through one of the websites to be selected by means of the radio buttons.

Highlight: a list of predefined concepts is displayed in the sidebar. When a concept is checked the corresponding text passages are highlighted.

Options: opens the Options window.

PDF: opens the PDF version of the publication if defined in the configuration file.

Source: displays the HTML source text. Not available on an iPad.

Help: displays this help text.


The options window

Note: default values are defined in the configuration file.

Reader height: the height of the reader defined in pixels.

Reader width: the width of the reader defined as percentage.

Navigation width: the width of the navigation pane, i.e. the list of titles.

Sidebar width: normal: the normal width of the sidebar.

Sidebar width: alternative: the alternative width of the sidebar. If 0, the sidebar is invisible, which may be convenient if screen space is limited. Clicking on button Sidebar toggles between the normal and alternative state.

Maximum image width: images are dynamically rescaled to this width.
Note: This does not have any effect on images of stylesheet class 'table'.

Compact view: if checked, images are displayed horizontal, left aligned in stead of vertical centered.

Display hyperlinked documents as overlay: if checked, linked documents are displayed as an overlay on top the text, otherwise they are displayed in a new window or tab.

Look up selected text: if checked, any word or phrase selected with the mouse can be automatically looked up through a search engine or website at choice. On selection a new window with look up options will appear. These options are predefined in the configuration file. Note: Not available on an iPad.

iPad: if checked, the sizes optimal for an iPad3 are selected. In addition the use of overlay and the lookup of selected text are unchecked, because these features do not work properly on an iPad. Instead, the Look up term can be entered in the Lookup window (buttonbar). The iPad platform is automatically detected by the reader.